How I Made My First Million

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I am currently the Founder, President, and CEO of The Entrepreneur Nation®, a Canadian TV Host and Producer. I decided to write this book to share my inspiring journey that traverses two continents and various life experiences. This chapter is an enlightening narrative about my life, accomplishments, aspirations, and how my life in Canada has shaped me into the successful entrepreneur I am today.

A remarkable achievement for me was a recent recognition as a journalist by Facebook which speaks to my dedication and excellence in producing and hosting Entrepreneur TV on Rogers TV Cable Channel 13 in London, Ontario, Canada. I use this platform to educate and empower the business community. By leveraging my recognition as a journalist by Facebook, I am happy that I can amplify my impact, reach, and influence, further establishing myself as a trusted voice in the media and entrepreneurship landscape thereby supporting more businesses.

My notable quote: “I no longer worried about what others would say about me for trying multiple opportunities, rather I worried about what they would say if I failed”.

After self-publishing my book, I have learned a lot. I am recognized as an author and publisher and my profile is listed at the Canadian Federal Library and Archives. I plan to use my knowledge to empower and teach others to author and publish their own books. After reading this book, let me know if you would like to learn how to publish your book, magazine, or online course.

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I am honoured and excited to be the Founder, President, CEO and Chief Visionary Officer (CVO) of The Entrepreneur Nation® (T.E.N). I have an ambitious vision for the business community and especially our members and those who believe in me. 

I wrote this book to share my inspiring journey in Canada and all the factors that made me get into entrepreneurship. From rejections to home cleaning to banking sector and everything in between, I have seen it all and tried it all. The one thing that kept me motivated was the desire to succeed in a new country. I have no family in Canada except my son. Failure would be a disaster. Failure was not an option then and it is not today. It is my deepest hope that when you read my book you will not read it for the sake of doing so. You will read it to learn from me. It is my hope that it will make you decide that failure is not an option. 

In a nutshell, this is the business that has changed my life in Canada. I built it out of a dream. Everything including the name of the company came to me in a dream not from any branding expert etc. The Entrepreneur Nation® is a holistic business support organization, dedicated to the empowerment of individuals and businesses. This, I believe, is achieved with a multifaceted approach, rather than the singular concepts of networking and business groups. The Entrepreneur Nation® offers its members, and to a certain extent some of the members of the public at select events, social networking, dedicated chapters in the city, community engagement opportunities, various social media services, business development conferences, graphic design and printing, web site development and Cable TV Broadcasting. There are different types of memberships, each with its host of services. 

So far, we have membership professions ranging from financial planners, lawyers, realtors, mortgage agents, insurance agents, and various service providers such as digital marketing and web development experts, just to name but a few. Businesses have plenty on their plate, and The Entrepreneur Nation® strives to exceed their daily needs in a remarkably busy world. This, I believe, will ensure that the hard-working individuals behind the businesses will propel their vision. That is my vision. 

I want to empower other business owners to become independent and self-supporting the same way through training and role-modeling. I hope that you will learn something useful from my journey that you can implement to change your current situation. Read more to get inspired by the structure of the company, what I have created in Canada despite arriving here from a developing country in less than 20 years ago. Feel free to get in touch to share your feedback on what you have learned and how you will use it going forward. 

However, my success did not come easy, I have made huge sacrifices including enduring racism and discrimination. I would be wrong if I painted the picture as all lucrative. Showing a balanced experience is necessary. I believe overall, this country has made great progress but a few areas can do with some more change. If some of us remain silent then no one knows what needs change.

Proud to use my new title “Author and Publisher”.

I am now listed on the Canadian Federal Library and Archives as an Author and Publisher. I did not go to publish on Amazon. I did the hard work of self-publishing.

I did not go to Udemy or Google Books or any of those platforms. I thank my trusted web developer for building for me an e-commerce website specifically for selling books. I did this because I like authentic work and I like learning so I can teach others. If I had taken the short route, I would not be proud of what I have accomplished.

As you plan to read the content in my book, I would like you to close your eyes for a movement and see a single mom immigrant arriving in Canada with her young son in the coldest winter season, worried and only relying on taxi drivers for direction and information. There was no GPS or smartphones as far as I can remember. We were using a hard cover Yellow pages. I bought my first flip phone at Telus in Toronto, but I had no one to call because I did not know anyone in this country😢.

Open your eyes now…….. that same single mom after going through so much started a business where she has processed over a million dollars in sales using social media marketing and sales strategies.

Think deeper….. that worried woman would not have done this if her young son had not opened her first Facebook account 11 years ago. After which she embraced social media as her source of income.

She even dared to leave a well-paying banking job in Canada to venture into entrepreneurship after realizing how much she could do as a self-employed individual.

Think more…. she would not have accomplished anything without the strong collaboration she made with Canadians. You do not come to this country and live in silos and hope to win. You must collaborate with those you found here.

Note: I am launching my book not to brag but to bring hope to the world that things can change quickly in your favour if you do not give up and if you adapt to the changing times. We are not only in the social media era now, we are in the artificial intelligence era, how are we embracing it to change our lives? I am at the forefront of all this and learning constantly.

Read all this and much more on my website. The book is retailing for $29.99 but I have done a launch price of $9.99 to get it in more hands. Get it when the sale price is on.

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