I dedicate this book to my son Eric Jeffrey. Much of what I know and accomplished in Canada is because of Eric helping me. From opening my Facebook account in 2012 to teaching me how to make simple designs, how to use YouTube and video editing. It is the initial training by Eric which made me become curious to learn more.

Although Eric is not interested in my exact type of work, he is a smart young man who is destined for greatness in his own way.

It is because of Eric that I moved to Canada to give my son a better life otherwise if not for him I would never have thought of relocating to Canada.

At a Christmas party in December in the building in Toronto where I rented a furnished apartment upon arrival, Eric made friends with a White Canadian couple. Eric shared with them our predicament because we did not know anyone. This couple helped us a lot and they helped us to relocate to London, Ontario. I intentionally specify “White Canadian Couple” specifically to show the great Canadian generosity. They did not have to look like me to help me. My life successful journey in Canada has been through collaboration with a diverse group of people.

My learning of the Canadian culture was easier because of Eric sharing with me what he learned in School.

I remember ordering take-out pizza by phone and the restaurant staff could not understand my accent in those initial days. I passed the phone to Eric, and they were able to understand him right away. He saved the day many times for me and for which I’m grateful. Read more on chapter 3.

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